Embrace A Positive Mindset Today

Every day, in life and in business events happen that can cause us to be better or bitter. These events can either be out of our own lack of wisdom and weaknesses, meaning they are caused by internal factors. They could also be external from our close family, friends, business partners, leadership or even from natural disasters such as floods, droughts and hurricanes. All in all, when bad things happens regardless of who caused it we MUST quickly rise above it if we want to be successful in life.

While there are so many ways that one can learn from, in this post we will look at five key questions that will help you turn a negative event or situation into a positive experience.

1. What can I learn from this situation?

There are some things that we only learn through experience. When I was in my early twenties, I started a multi-level marketing business and invested all my savings into it. It was somewhat successful up to the point that I decided to relocate from my home country Kenya, to South Africa. At the point when I signed up for this business, I did not read through the fine print to find out what happens to all my shares when I relocated from country to another. So it happened that if one chose to move countries they still maintained their account but lost all their down lines. How devastating that was! You are right if you think that now am very cautious. As my coach says “inspect what you expect”. I now do exactly that. I read through the lines, and engage legal counsel when accepting terms and conditions in partnership or joint venture agreements. I encourage you to do so as well. That was a lesson learnt the hard way.

2. What can I enjoy from this situation?

No matter how terrible or catastrophic a situation is there is something good that comes out of it. For example when my father past away a decade ago, I was very depressed, down and low. My Daddy was my hero, role model and friend. Even though I knew he was not immortal, I didn’t think he would pass on so soon. His death left me and most of my family so devastated. We turned around that situation around by forging meaningful and tight relationships within the family. We realised that even though Daddy is not here anymore we can still live a happy life and celebrate his legacy every day. As a family, we are now more closer and more loving, and more giving to each other than we have ever been.

3. What is most important thing to do in this situation?

Every day in life we are faced with opportunities to prioritise things. When going through difficult situations, the default is to want to solve the problem NOW. We want to make it go away so we can go back to our NORM. Successful people will focus on what is the most rewarding thing to do. What brings the most results? What gives you the biggest returns on investment? You will find out that in focusing on the biggest returns on investment? You will learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable and that is where your SUCCESS comes from.

4. How can I help others in a similar situation?

This may sound like a no-brainer but it is easier said than done. All of creation is wired to help others. Even animals help each other when they see another animal in trouble. This is what I call the inherent goodness that is in each one of us. When you are down and low and can still find the time and energy to make someone’s life better, then your subconscious mind begins to attract positivity.

5. Who is going to hold me accountable in this situation?

You will need an accountability partner who will set you on the path to thinking positive thoughts. This person can be your coach, a mentor or a spiritual leader but never a family member. You need someone who will call you out when you backslide. Someone who is experienced in helping people cultivate a positive mindset.

In conclusion, I want to urge you to take action. You can begin today to take control of your mindset by using the above mentioned strategies to embrace positivity.

About me:

Carolyne A. Opinde

I am a Business Development Strategist and International Speaker at CAO Consulting. I help entrepreneurs at their start-up, scale-up or exit phases of their businesses implement tailored systems and processes that will minimize losses and maximize profits. With the correct business system in place my clients wow their customers, improve their brand credibility and grow their profit margins above their normal rate.

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