Is money meaningless without a purpose?

By Carolyne A. Opinde – Business Development Strategist

What is purpose?

Purpose is defined as the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. Simply put, it is finding your WHY? Purpose can also be defined as the engine that drives you. It makes you push through difficult moments despite the inevitable trials and troubles of life. Your purpose will help you shun any voices of defeat that may come from deep within your timid inner-self, or from naysayers who do not believe in your potential or abilities.

Vision should not be confused with purpose. Vision is defined as the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom.

Looking at the two definitions, we can therefore say that purpose will define the kind of vision you foresee and implement. While your vision may change over time, your purpose does not. It is instinctive to who you are and will be evident in your vision, your actions and strategies.

Life is meaningless without purpose

We all have a deep desire to belong and become greater than what we perceive ourselves today. We want to be needed and feel useful. Many of us spend hours a day on social media posting messages, pictures and videos with the hope that we can connect with someone from somewhere who will find our posts useful enough to like, comment and thank us.

That is the reason why a little girl would stand on top of the table and jump while screaming, “Daddy, Mommy watch me, I can jump from this high”.

It’s normal to feel so. That explains why there are so many books that focus on finding your purpose.

That is why I am here, in Cape Town South Africa on a Sunday evening, typing this blog so I can share my thoughts on purpose. I find meaning in helping people be successful. One of those ways is by creating a roadmap to success for entrepreneurs who want to own their share of the market and make big profits.

How can one find their purpose?

There are so many tests available online that can help you find your purpose. While these tests are great, they only provide indicative directions on where your purpose may lie. Psychologist may argue with me about this, but my point is nothing beats your voice and your instincts in finding your purpose. Your instinct is authentic and balanced.

Finding Themba’s instinct

I once asked my coaching student Themba who is based in Swaziland, WHY did she start a cleaning business. She said it’s because she wants to make more money. Then I asked, WHY did she want to make more money. She said it’s because she wants to be more financially stable. Then I asked another WHY and she said because she wants to support her extended family. By the time we got to my forth WHY, I could tell she was getting irritated. Its only then that she gave me the real reason behind her actions. Themba grew up in rural Africa in a poor family. At a young age she always had a vision to create generational wealth for her family and wanted to live in a beautiful, clean house. That explains why a cleaning business makes more sense to her than starting a car dealership or a business consulting company. In this regard, without any scientific tests, we can say that Themba seems to have a forerunner spirit. She is fulfilling her purpose by creating generational wealth for her family. This is as far as our conversations went on that coaching session.

As a coach, I often use simple WHY probing questions to get to root of the issue at hand. I now know how best to help Themba break into new territories by going above and beyond her limiting beliefs when they show up. I have helped her develop tailored strategies for a sustainable business that can quickly grow her profit margins. She seems to find her joy in creating new ways of doing things in her business. Themba has broken the fallow ground and is on her journey to creating generational wealth for her family.

How do I monetize my purpose?

If you can’t jump you won’t fly.

― Anonymous

What do you do after finding your purpose? Turning your purpose into a profitable business is not an easy thing to do. You will need to say no to every limiting belief that has been your comfort zone and jump out of the plane. Often times you will have sleepless nights wondering “what if” and “what not”. This journey can be lonely if you choose to go it alone. The good news is you can choose to have cheerleaders and coaches to help through life. You are not alone. Less Stress More Success is here for you.

For most people, this is where they talk a lot about their vision but have no implementation plans. I call this dreaming. Dreamers talk big and have no results to show for their plans. Dreamers live in the “land of hoping and wishing” but lack the backbone to break the glass ceiling into the ever dynamic “land of strategy generation and idea implementation”. Dreamers are great at posting all of their good intentions on social media but lack results. Dreamers will always tell you that something is “in progress” and will be “completed soon”. They do not have tight timelines and are not committed to any schedule. Does this define someone you know? Are you a dreamer?

Friends, I know a lot about dreamers because I was one before I met my coach JT Foxx, the world’s number one wealth coach. The great news is I’m now a visionary, living my purpose everyday with clear plans of what I do and have results to show for it. I have taken all the powerful lessons I learnt and now coach other entrepreneurs by giving them a roadmap to success.

Are you a DREAMER or a VISIONARY entrepreneur living your PURPOSE 24-7, 365 days a year.

What does it take to build a business around my purpose?

“Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes.”

― Peter F. Drucker

Knowledge is not enough, implementation is everything. It takes blood, sweat and tears to build a business around your purpose. If anyone tells you that success is easy they are a liar and a scoundrel and you need to disassociate yourself from them.

Peter F. Drucker says, knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes. The same principles apply to your vision. Every three months you should ask yourself how can you improve my business.

This question is heavy loaded and must be broken down into bitable pieces for every aspect of your business and every product line, for optimal success.

As your coach, I will be your compass, guiding you through every decision and strategy. Together we will unravel what your purpose is and develop a unique roadmap to success that will provide a step by step path to success. The principles that I will share with you have been proven and tested.

About me:

I am a Business Development Strategist and International Speaker at CAO Consulting. I help entrepreneurs at their start-up, scale-up or exit phases of their businesses implement tailored systems and processes that will minimize losses and maximize profits. With the correct business system in place my clients wow their customers, improve their brand credibility and grow their profit margins above their normal rate.

Do you want to grow your business successful with less hassle?

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